The Ballroom. Photo: Finn Christoffersen

The Ballroom

Frederick II ensured that Kronborg had Europe's finest ballroom. The ballroom had a length of 60 metres and was the largest of its kind in Northern Europe. The king’s servants would hang the precious tapestries on the walls whenever a banquet was held. At the end of the Ballroom next to the large fireplace, the king would preside under a magnificent canopy of purple silk with woven gold and silver threads. The loft was panelled with elaborate wood carvings, paintings and gilding. Seven large brass chandeliers lit the beautiful hall.

For hundreds of years, the marble floor has seen dancing courtiers and kings and queens. Most of the ballroom furniture was consumed by flames in 1629 or plundered during the Swedish occupation of the castle in 1685. However, the chapel’s decorations, which have survived fire and looting, give us a glimpse into what the ballroom would have looked like in its heyday.

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Kronborg Castle