Bestil gruppeomvisning i Riddersalen og hør om Dronningens Gobeliner. Foto: Adam Rzepka

The Queen's Tapestries

Guided tours for groups

The Great Hall is decorated with 17 colourful tapestries. 1,100 years of Danish history from the Viking Age to the year 2000 have been woven onto these 17 tapestries. The tapestries teem with the figures of kings, queens, heads of state and other prominent figures that have shaped the history of Denmark and the rest of the world.

The tapestries were a gift to Her Majesty the Queen to mark her 50th birthday. The work of art was inaugurated on the Queen's 60th birthday on 16th April 2000.

Practical information

Duration: 1 hour.

Groups can book guided tours of the Great Hall with the Queen's tapestries. The price is DKK 85 per person + DKK 975. Outside of normal opening hours, an additional fee of DKK 975 is paid. Maximum number of participants: 50.

How to book a Group Tour

For further information or to book guided tours, please send an e-mail to or call (+45) 3392 6492.

An opportunity is also to arrange a guided tour based on your specific wishes.


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