Det Christianborg Slot, vi kender i dag, er fra 1928

The Royal Residence in flames

Christiansborg Palace has been built three times after devastating fires 

Christiansborg Palace - or rather the palaces and castles that have been built on the site of Christiansborg – has a dramatic story to tell. Two palaces burnt down and their history went up in smoke.

The Christiansborg we see today is the third palace and it dates from 1928. It was built and laid out in such a way that it could accommodate the Royal Family, and the two houses of the Danish parliament (the Folketing and the Landsting). However, Christian X chose not to live there, and ever since Christiansborg Palace has only been used as the working place for the royal family, the office of the Danish prime minister and the Danish parliament.

The palace was named after Christian VI who tore down Copenhagen Castle and built the first Christiansborg in 1740. The splendour of this sumptuous palace was destroyed just 54 years later in 1794. Only the stable complex survived. It is still home to the royal horses. 

The second Christiansborg was inaugurated in 1828, but another devastating fire destroyed the palace again in 1884. Only the old stable complex and the new palace chapel survived.