The Lapidarium of kings. Photo: Thorkild Jensen

Royal Sculptures in The Lapidarium of Kings

400-year-old sculptures are preserved in Christian IV’s Brewhouse

The Brewhouse’s rustic vaults house 384 stone and plaster sculptures dating from the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. All of them once stood in the royal gardens, squares and palaces. They were there to add lustre to royal power until the ravages of time threatened to destroy them.

The sculptures are a motley collection of busts of kings, kings on horseback, Greek goddesses, legendary heroes and decorations taken from palace facades

In 2013, all the royal sculptures were moved to the Lapidarium of Kings in Christian IV’s Brewhouse. Previously, they had been tucked away in storehouses around Denmark where they could be seen and admired by no one. They are now on display in the Brewhouse. You can get right up close to the originals or plaster casts of the kings’ statues and sculptures.


The Lapidarium of Kings