The Hermitage. Photo: Roberto Fortuna

Group visits to The Hermitage

Larger groups can book their own guided tour in The Hermitage, and experience the magnificent royal hunting lodge.

Dramatic hunts on sweaty horses and delightful banquets in the countryside. The Hermitage tells the exciting story of the royal hunts in Dyrehaven.

The royal hunting lodge was built far from the court in Copenhagen as a leisure palace where the king could host private hunting lunches. At The Hermitage you can easily imagine the sweaty horses and barking dogs of the time as they chased the deer in the beautiful surrounding landscape. Join a guided tour and discover the history of the palace up until today and learn how the palace got its name.  

Book a guided tour for groups

Groups can book their own guided tour in The Hermitage from April 1st until august 31st..

Phone: +45 33 92 70 87