2021 & 2022

Jim Lyngvild's Royal History at Kronborg Castle

2021 & 2022

A Royal History at Kronborg Castle

Facts and fantasy with Jim Lyngvild and Poul Grinder-Hansen

Experience Jim Lyngvild's magnificent images of kings and queens past, when the Danish royal line once again adorns the walls of Kronborg Castle for the first time in over 400 years. The special exhibition runs until 30 December 2022.

In his book “Danmarks konger og dronninger fra Gorm til Margrethe II” (The Kings and Queens of Denmark, from Gorm to Margrethe II), designer Jim Lyngvild has brought the kings and queens of the past back to life – as people of flesh and blood. With feelings and shattered dreams. Pride and delusions of grandeur.

You will be blown away by the exhibition’s more than 3-metre-high portraits, which recount the history of Denmark’s monarchy in an alluring and fascinating way.

In the exhibition at Kronborg, the photographs have taken on a new role as modern “tapestries” for the old royal castle. Spicing up his portraits with reconstructed regalia and images of scenes that may well have unfolded here at the castle, Lyngvild breathes life into the Danish royal line.

The special exhibition is accompanied by an audio guide in which you can hear Jim Lyngvild and Poul Grinder-Hansen, Senior Researcher at the National Museum of Denmark, “battle it out” over historical facts and interpretations.

Practical information
Date: Extended to 2022
Price: Adults 125 DKK, children free
The ticket also includes admission to the rest of Kronborg Castle