Hamlet photo: Thorkild Jensen

Hamlet's Wonderful World

Step into Hamlet's world at his own castle Kronborg in Elsinore

Hamlet's Wonderful World is from June 8th to August 31st 2020 at Kronborg Castle. Daily 10:00-17:00

Guests walking into the courtyard at Kronborg Castle will step right into the world of Shakespeare's Hamlet.

In the summer of 2020 Hamlet, his friends and enemies will move into the chambers of the castle.

William Shakespeare chose to place Hamlet at Kronborg in Elsinore, when he wrote his world-renowned drama. All summer Kronborg's guests will meet the famous characters from the play as they move around the chambers and rooms.

The audience will experience the daily life of the characters up close and they can interact with the protagonists. The guests are witnesses to the tragic fates of the characters, as they take arms against or poison each other.

No matter where the guests find themselves at the castle, they find themselves in the world of Hamlet, a world of drama, lust, murder by poison and sword fights.

The characters/actors in Hamlet's Wonderful World speak English, but knowledge of English is not necessary to understand the drama and to experience Hamlet Live.

Producers/Directors: Peter Holst-Beck and Barry McKenna


Adults DKK 145 , Children free. The ticket is valid for one day only.  The ticket is valid on any given day in the period June-August. It's up to you when and at what time of day you want to use your ticket. Therefore you will find no specific date on your ticket.