Welcome to Kronborg Castle

At the entrance of Øresund – the sound between Sweden and Denmark - the castle Kronborg rises in front of the harbor of the cozy maritime city of Helsingor.

Here where the strait is the narrowest Kronborg has been the center of magnificent parties, dramatic events, tragedies, intrigues, trade, war and love ever since the Danish king Frederick II let the castle built in the late 1500s.

Throughout the centuries Kronborg –surrounded by its bastions and cannon batteries – has been at once a royal residence as well as an impregnatable fortress, guarding and protecting the profitable Sound Dues imposed on the trading route between Eastern- and Western Europe. 

Today Kronborg is one of the most important renaissance castles in Northern Europe. Every year it is the destination for many guests from all over the world, coming to Helsingor the explore the castle with its tall towers, nooks and crannies and - more than anything – to feel the blast from past parties and the decadent dramas that took place here. 

UNESCO world heritage site

Kronborg Castle

Explore Kronborg - the castle known around the world as Hamlet's castle

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