Beautiful women add lustre to the absolute monarch. Photo: Thomas Rahbek

The National Monuments

Beautiful women add lustre to the absolute monarch.

Frederick V wanted to show the world that he ruled over the dual monarchy of Denmark and Norway. He commissioned the sculptor Johannes Wiedewelt to create two magnificent national monuments for his new palace gardens at Fredensborg Palace. Wiedewelt carved two sculpture of beautiful women to bestride the two 20-metre long marble monuments. 

On the Norwegian monument sits an erect woman draped in robes, a diadem in her hair and a fur around her torso. She points towards the Brede Allé and her manner is majestic and confident. She is a little distant and cool, like the country she represents, Norway.

Her Danish sister also sits erect on the Danish national monument. She too points towards the Brede Allé. She is magnificently dressed, draped in robes and wears her tiara in her hair which is tied up. She looks ahead guardedly and holds the national coat of arms to her hip.