Kings and presidents have scratched their signatures on the panes of window glass. Photo: Kira Krøis Ursem

Famous window panes

Kings and presidents scratch their signatures on the window panes

Danish monarchs have been receiving heads of state at Fredensborg Palace for the last 150 years. There is a tradition that before they leave the palace, presidents and monarchs must scratch their names and the date of their visit in the glass of the palace's windows.

Louise of Hesse-Kassel scratched the first signature on 17th August 1841, a year before she married the future king, Christian IX. From 1916, a record has been kept of the window inscriptions, which now amount to 239 signatures.

If you look out of the windows in the Garden Room, the Prince’s Salon or the Guard Room, you will see some famous signatures scratched on the glass. Tsar Alexander III, François Mitterrand and Bill Clinton are some of the famous people that have scratched their names on the glass.