Feel safe at the palace during the pandemic

Du er i trygge hænder på Christiansborg Slot. Vi efterlever altid de nyeste retningslinjer fra sundhedsmyndighederne i forbindelse med COVID-19. 

You are in safe hands at Christiansborg Palace. We are always following the current Covid-19 guidelines of the Danish Health Car Authorities.

As of 12 November 2021 it is required by law, that all visitors must show a valid Covid-19 pass (test, immunity or vaccination), when visiting the Palace. It is also required to wear face masks when visiting our Museum Shops. 

All events will be executed in coordinance with any official limits on gatherings. During your visit, we kindly ask that you keep a safe distance to other visitors as well as to the staff. Our staff will also help to remind visitors to keep a safe distance. 

Furthermore, we kindly ask all visitors to help themselves with the hand sanitizing stations we have installed around the Palace. During this time, we have icreased the intensity of cleaning. Are you sick, we kindly ask you to stay home, and come back, once you are feeling well again. 

Covid-19 Q&A

Is it safe to visit Christiansborg Palace? 
Yes. We follow all official guidelines issued by the Danish Health Care Authorities. We have installed hand sanitizing stations around the palace, and we hel to mae sure that ther is good room for safe distinca between you,other visitors and our staff. Christiansborg Palace is a big palace with room for a lot of guests. However, we will only let in the amount of visitors, that will still make it possible to keep the right distance. It is our responsibility to male sure that alle safety measures are up to date, so that you can relax and enjoy your visit. 

Who is responsible for keeping u the Covid-19 guidelines at the Palace?
The staff of the Palace will make sure, that all guidelines are followed. They will ask visitors to keep distance, when needed. 

Will i have to show my Covid-19 pass, when I visit the Palace?
Yes. You will have to show your covid-19 pass (test, immunity or vaccination), when you visitt the Palace.  

What do we do? 

  • We follow all official guidelines issued by the Healt Authorities  
  • We only welcome the amount of visitors that is safe, so you can keep the right distance.
  • We sell face masks in the museum shops. 
  • In certain smaller exhibition rooms, it is only possible to look in.
  • We increased cleaning intensity and desinfect surfaces regularly.
  • We have installed hand sanitizing stations around the Palace.
  • We help remind visitors to keep a safe distance with signs.
  • We have installed safety screens by the counters in the Museum Shops.
  • We have removed guide books and put up safety lines by elements you can normally touch. We hve audioguides available, that you can download to your own smartphone.
  • We are not recycling pamphlets and other handouts during this time. 

What can you do ?

  • Buy your tickets online, and avoid paying with cash if possible in our Museum Shops
  • Clean your hands frequently. We have installed hand sanitiziang stations around the Palace.
  • Use our audiouides on your smartphone. You can find our audioguides in the Useeum App.
  • Keep a safe distance to other visitors at the Palace. 
  • Stay home, if you feel sick.