Ruinerne under Christiansborg Slot foto: Thorkild Jensen

The Ruins under Christiansborg Palace

Tours for groups

A long line of castles at Christiansborg

The present Christiansborg Palace is built on the ruins of older castles. Their ruins evoke the history of past centuries and can still be seen in the depths of the palace.

Explore the ruins of Bishop Absalon’s castle which dates from 1167 and the fairytale Copenhagen Castle which was demolished in 1731. Find out about the history of Christiansborg which spans over eight centuries, during which period it has been a medieval castle, royal palace and the centre of power in Denmark.

You will be told about famous people from Danish history. Their stories of their lives lie in the ruins of these buildings.

Practical information

Duration: 1 hour.

Groups can book guided tours of the Ruins. The price is DKK 50 per person + DKK 975. The price per person is 65 DKK from the 9/2 to the 19/6.
Outside of normal opening hours, an additional fee of DKK 975 is paid. Maximum number of participants: 30. 

How to book a Group Tour

For further information or to book guided tours, please send an e-mail to or call (+45) 3392 6492.

An opportunity is also to arrange a guided tour based on your specific wishes.


Tours for Groups