The Secret of Power

- Mystery hunt at Christiansborg Palace 

Join the mysterious and highly entertaining hunt, which takes you on a journey through the royal chambers at Christiansborg Palace, where you will discover the secrets of the historical danish powerbase. You are looking for clues and solving puzzles to complete the mystery.

If you have tried 'The King's Secret' at King's garden or the defunct 'The Secret of Kronborg' at Kronborg Castle, you'll love 'The Secret of Power.'

The Mystery Hunt is for 4-100 participants. One Hunt contains material for 8 people.

From DKK 250 per. person. 
Please note that there is an entrance fee at Christiansborg Palace. Mystery Makers customers get a special discount at the entrance; the fee is DKK 75 per. person.

Completion time for the Mystery Hunt is approximately 1,5 hours. If you are more than one group, plan on starting groups 10 minutes apart.

The Representation Rooms at Christiansborg Palace.

For more information or booking, contact Mystery Makers:
Phone: +45 30 80 30 50



The Ruler's Secret