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Highlights of the Queen's Palace

Book a group tour and see the highlights of Christiansborg Palace

Highlights of the Queens Palace

Enjoy a close-up experience of royal history at Christiansborg Palace

For more than 1000 years a king or queen has sat on the Danish throne. For centuries the centre of their power was the most influential island in Denmark, Slotsholmen, where Christiansborg Palace is located today.

Behind the palace walls, in the magnificent Royal Reception Rooms, Her Majesty carries out her official duties as the queen of Denmark

The guided tour Highlights of the Queens Place is a royal journey through history. The tour will take visitors through the Queen’s palace, giving them a real sense of Her Majesty’s role, rituals and duties.

A spectacular, dramatic visit to a royal palace

This tour takes visitors through all the attractions at Christiansborg Palace, which are still used by the court today. 

Walk through the Royal Reception Rooms, where gold, chandeliers and art treasures add a touch of glamour to the Queen’s official role in galas and state visits: equally when people have an audience with Her Majesty and when foreign heads of state are in Denmark.

Visitors will also enjoy a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the Royal Kitchen and follow preparations for gala banquets at close range.

Join a guided tour of the Queen’s Christiansborg and discover the entire Palace:
•    The Royal Reception Rooms, where the Queen throws gala banquets and holds New Year’s receptions and councils of state.
•    The Royal Kitchen, which sizzles, bubbles, steams and smells, inviting visitors on a journey through the history of the royal family’s gastronomy.
•    The Royal Stables, where the royal horses are always at the ready to pull the Queen’s Golden Carriage.
•    The Palace Chapel – the exalted, ceremonial setting for the life of the royal family from the cradle to the grave.

Practical information

Duration: 1½-2 hours
Groups need to book the tour in advance. The price is 1950 DKK. for the tour and 140 DKK. per person  for the entrance. 

Outside of normal opening hours, an additional fee of DKK 975 is paid. Maximum number of participants: 30. 

How to book a Group Tour

For further information or to book guided tours, please send an e-mail to christiansborg@natmus.dk or call (+45) 3392 6492.


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