The Velvet Room photo Thomas Rahbek

The Velvet Room

When there are banquets at the palace, members of the Royal Family stand in a row in the Velvet Room and welcome the guests before they proceed into the ornate Banqueting Room

The Sun King’s bedroom at Christiansborg Palace

When the architects and designers decorated and furnished the Velvet Room at Christiansborg Palace, they modelled the room on the Sun King Louis XIV’s bedroom at the Palace of Versailles in France.

300 metres of velvet wall coverings, woven in India and depicting the Danish coat of arms (three lions and nine hearts), now adorn the walls of the Velvet Room. In 2015, the 100-year-old wall coverings were replaced. The decorations were given new gilt finishing and the marble was polished.

Guided Tours of The Royal Reception Rooms

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