The Royal Reception Rooms_Thorkild Jensen

The Royal Reception Rooms

Visit the Queen's glittering halls

Christiansborg Palace is placed in the heart of Copenhagen and is one of the world’s few working palaces which you can visit. 

In the Royal Reception Rooms, the Queen of Denmark receives foreign kings, queens and presidents. The people are received in Audience, gala dinners are hosted and new laws are signed by the Queen.

Please note: The Royal Reception Rooms might be closed in connection with the Royal Family's use of the palace. Please always check the opening hours prior to your visit.

Guided tours in the Royal Reception Rooms

Get an insight into the banquets and how the rooms are used historically and today, see where new regents are announced and learn about the impressive decorations and works of art. The Great Hall with the tapestries is a part of the guided tour.

Every day in the opening hours at 15:00.

A guided tour lasts approx. 50 minutes. It is not necessary to book in advance.

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Christiansborg Palace

About the Royal Reception Rooms

Explore some of the Queen's magnificent halls below: