Catherine the Great was never given her delicate gift - the magnificent dinner set, the Flora Danica. Foto: Svend Lindbæk

Flora Danica

Science in bloom on delicate porcelain

The Royal Family's exquisite and world-famous porcelain set, the Flora Danica, is on display at the palace. It is believed that the set was ordered by Christian VII as a gift to Catherine the Great of Russia. However, she died before the set was completed. Instead, it was first used by Christian VII on his birthday in 1803. The set has since been used for numerous royal banquets.

The motives for the set were based on the great botanical encyclopaedia, the Flora Danica, which took 122 years to complete and contains pictures of all wild flowers native to Denmark. The dining set was made long before work on the encyclopaedia was finally completed in 1883.