Christiansborg Slotskirke. Foto: Thorkild Jensen

Christiansborg Palace Chapel

The Palace Chapel which dates from 1826 is used for royal events such as weddings, baptisms and anniversaries. The chapel’s first major royal event was Frederick VII’s and Princess Vilhelmine’s magnificent wedding in 1828.

Several Danish kings have lain in state in the chapel surrounded by flags, coats of arms and Rosenborg’s silver lions. In 2000, the Danish people bade farewell to Queen Ingrid when she lay in state in the chapel.

The architect C. F. Hansen was inspired by two world-famous buildings when he designed the Palace Chapel: the Pantheon in Rome which was built in AD 120 and the Catholic church Sant’ Andrea in Via Flaminia which dates from 1554. C. F. Hansen combines several different themes in the Palace Chapel.

The front resembles the entrance to a Greek temple with four pillars that support the hard and mammoth-sized facade. The interior of the chapel has a more relaxed and warmer atmosphere with finely decorated walls of stucco marble. The finest marbling technique in the world.

In 1992, a stray rocket set fire to the chapel, damaging the roof and dome. It was a miracle that the chapel did not burn down completely. Large parts of the chapel were rebuilt, but today the chapel has been restored to its former glory.