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The Ball Room. Photo: Thorkild JEnsen

Hiring the Ballroom at Kronborg Castle

Kronborg Castle has the largest Renaissance ballroom in Northern Europe. Danish monarchs would use the ballroom to host sumptuous banquets that lasted for weeks. The talk at the royal courts of Europe was all about the latest rumours heard at a banquet held at Kronborg Castle. One of the people who latched on to the stories was a certain William Shakespeare. He wrote the castle into world history with his play about a Danish prince Hamlet and his tragic fate at Kronborg Castle.

The ballroom now provides a stunning setting for any event. The room has wonderful acoustics, which makes it an ideal venue for conferences, dinners, parties and even rock concerts.


Banquet – Long tables: 500 guests. 
Banquet – Round tables: 400 guests.
Theatre: 500 guests. 
Reception: 500 guests.

What is the cost of hiring the Ballroom?

The cost depends on the size of your event and your proposed use of the facilities.

How do I go about hiring the Ballroom?

Please contact Kronborg Castle by e-mailing kronborg@natmus.dk for further information and to book the facility.


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