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Frederick 2. Photo Pernille Klemp og Ole Woldbye

Tours for Groups

Bookable all year around 

Kronborg Classic

Find out more about the castle, the stronghold, the Sound dues, the Renaissance court and what life was like for a soldier at Kronborg. During the tour, you will get to see the royal apartments, the Ballroom, the chapel and the statue of the legendary sleeping warrior Holger Danske down in the casemates.  

Kronborg’s three kings

The tour will give you an insight into the lives of three Danish kings - Eric of Pomerania, Frederick II and Christian IV. The three kings left their mark on the castle and the stronghold.

You will also be meeting the legendary Danish hero Holger Danske down in the dark, dank casemates. He sits asleep down in the bowels of Kronborg Castle.

Hopefully, he will be staying there for a very long time to come, because legend has it that he will only wake up when Denmark is in danger.

Duration: 1½ hours. 

How to book a Group Tour

For further information or to book guided tours, please send an e-mail to kronborg@natmus.dk or call (+45) 4921 3078


Tours for Groups