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Museums Mysteriet foto Thorkild Jensen

Stop the thief at Christiansborg Palace!

- Free Mobile scavenger hunt 

The sneaky thief, Heidenreich, is planning to steal one of the priceless treasures at Christianborg Palace. The palace calls for all children to stop him – with their smartphones.

If you like a good puzzle and are up for a challenge, you could help prevent the theft of one of Christiansborg Palace’s invaluable treasures. That’s the plot of the newly launched mobile game “The Museums Mystery” at Christiansborg Palace.

The villain of the game, Heidenreich, is planning to expand his private collection with one of the priceless cultural treasures at Christiansborg Palace. Your only chance of stopping him is to solve his mischievous riddles. Luckily, the righteous Professor Blom is there to help you, and together you must explore the halls of the palace to obtain the clues you need in order to stop Heidenreich.